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Blake Pickup, owner and creative director of Pickup Media.

From a young age I wanted to inspire people in a positive way.

I picked up a camera and became a photographer and videographer to tell individuals and brands their stories

Travelling the world from the age of 20 I fell in love with shooting travel and tourism and showcasing talented people in the realm of action sports.

Combining these two genres of film helped me captivate audiences and inspired people to live a healthy outdoor lifestyle through personal projects & branded commercials.​


At Pickup Media we strive to create stories for brands that want to captivate their audience and inspire people with their product or services. 

We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals and advertise their business to it's fullest potential.

Our Values

>To inspire people through our creative stories

>Support & impact local communities in a positive way

>Have no compromises in our films and always produce the highest quality 

>No risk, no reward! Anything for the shot 


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