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Travel & Tourism


Deep dive into New Zealand's top tourist destination and see why so many people have this place on the top of their travel list.

This project was created to showcase and highlight Queenstown in a different perspective by mixing in action sports and adventure hiking.

The broad activities that people can do in Queenstown are what make it special and we believed this concept was important to highlight the destination.

Highlight reels are one of our specialties to get the most content shown in a short amount of time to a specified audience.

Who doesn't love travelling and exploring the world around us. 

A project that was 4 years in the making compiled of all the best captured moments of travelling around the world. 

This is not your average travel film of just beautiful views. I aimed to make this edit action packed with talented people I met a long the way with creative transitions to flow through the adventure.

If you're a brand that wants to bring your audience a long with you in your adventures and raise the stoke levels of your customers this is how to do it.  

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