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Snow machine 1.jpg


Suzuki recognized the potential of the Jimny as the ultimate companion for those seeking excitement, exploration, and the great outdoors. To fulfill this vision, we embarked on a project that combined stunning visuals and compelling storytelling to highlight the Jimny's unparalleled adaptability.

We sourced a selection of professionally taken photos, showcasing the Jimny in a variety of environments – from mountains and snow-covered forests to sandy beaches. These images provided a visual narrative that emphasized the Jimny's ability to conquer any terrain, all while delivering the comfort and safety for its passengers.

Our collaboration with Suzuki allowed us to capture the essence of the Jimny, a vehicle that blends rugged capability with urban sensibilities. The final advert successfully conveyed the message that the Suzuki Jimny is not just a car; it's a lifestyle choice, perfect for young couples who crave adventure, reliability, and style.

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