The project that accumulated to 2 years of hard work.

Evolve is a full mountain bike movie following the adaption of how bikes are created to ride different terrains.

The objective was to create a full movie and make it as cinematic as possible.

Following a narrated story line we strived to complete every shot with no compromise.

Every shot in this project was extensively planned out and perfected to create a cinematic result.

Full movie here 

This project was created to challenge our snow sports mobility!

The concept of this film was to be able to go wherever the rider went meaning flying over jumps while holding the camera. The end goal was to create a film with unique shots that not many people can re create.

Being close to the action was important and meant that following wherever the rider went was a must to get the unique shots. Instead of creating an edit with just plain panning angles we pushed for a different style to offer snow sports brands and companies a different approach to advertise their product.

No angle is impossible now!

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